Noah’s Ark

Creative Learning Centre

Our highly experienced and devoted practitioners ensure that your child receives the stimulation they need to enhance growth in their physical, intellectual, emotional and social areas of development following the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Friendly and caring day nursery located in Coppull

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Noah’s Ark Policies

Arrivals and Departures


Child Protection and Safe Guarding

Late Collection and Non Collection



Outdoor Play

Parents and Carers as Partners

Payment Procedure

Safety Checks

Settling In

Sickness and Illness

The Role of the Key Person in the Setting Settling In


Visits and Outings

Here are some useful policies that the practitioners of Noah’s Ark adhere to.  For a full and comprehensive list of Noah’s Ark policies please contact one of the Aunties and we will be pleased to share these with you.  All policies are in PDF format, you can right click and select download if you would like your own copy.