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Our highly experienced and devoted practitioners ensure that your child receives the stimulation they need to enhance growth in their physical, intellectual, emotional and social areas of development following the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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Outdoor Learning at Noah’s Ark

‘The best classroom is roofed only by the sky’

A little bit of history....

Fifty plus, years ago pioneers such as Frederich Frobel and the MacMillan sisters viewed outdoor play and space as the best environment for young children. Sadly over the years, the focus on cognitive learning, child safety and risk factors has meant that the outdoor environment provides too many challenges and is simply used as a place to let off steam.  Yet, the outdoor environment is valued as an equal learning experience in European countries; and in areas of Scandinavia, the forest or woodland areas is the setting base.  With this sort of knowledge we are now  learning quickly that there are few limits to offering outdoor provision.

Early Years Foundation Stage.....

With the introduction of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in 2008, the DfES, 2006 states, ‘An appropriate environment is key both to safety and to effective learning and development.’

It also states: The Learning Environment involves both the people and the space in which children develop and learn. An appropriate physical environment offers access to an outdoor as well as an indoor space and should provide a place where children have opportunities to explore, learn and develop with the support of sensitive, knowledgeable adults.  It also continues to state within the Enabling Environments:

Our approach.....

Noah’s Ark has become more and more established with outdoor learning. Children enjoy being outdoors so much and for this reason we ensure that there is ‘free flow’ access to our spacious outdoor area. This allows children to play on a large scale within both active and natural environments. Our practitioners are on hand to support and plan for outdoor learning as much as indoors and act as active play partners in all weathers for the ultimate learning experiences.

We currently have an area for physical exertion, a natural area for quiet play and reflection, sheltered areas and a mud kitchen. We are investing in this area to further develop the outdoor space for children’s well-being and development.