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Our highly experienced and devoted practitioners ensure that your child receives the stimulation they need to enhance growth in their physical, intellectual, emotional and social areas of development following the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Friendly and caring day nursery located in Coppull

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Meet the Aunties of Noah’s Ark

To provide the best nursery provision for your child

A key person is allocated to each child upon starting the nursery. They become a families ‘special auntie’ and will make sure that you and your child will settle into the setting as smoothly as possible. Their role is to first establish a positive relationship with the children, grow their self esteem and develop their confidence to independently select what they want to do within the setting.

They will then  familiarise themselves with the children’s interests, follow their choices in the nursery and then make plans to grow their learning through play. The auntie’s role is to communicate with parents, including them in their child’s learning and development at nursery and work together to link home and nursery fun and play. This is done in a way that best suits individual families.

Key Person

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Starting Pre-School

We welcome the opportunity to visit your child in their home environment which gives the children a chance to get to know staff in a place they feel most comfortable. Equally we welcome parents to 'stay and play' in nursery sessions to aid settling in.


Throughout your child’s time at Noah’s Ark their special auntie/ key person  will compile a learning journey. This is an ongoing document that  uses photographic evidence to show how children are learning in our setting. The learning journey is accessible to parents and children, not only to view but also to add to, so a holistic picture is painted of your child at the time. The Aunties use this file to ensure that children are safe, happy, secure and learning within the setting. We link the learning journey to the  EYFS learning and development prime and specific areas

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 Learning Journey